On concert at Casablanca, on March 28, 2020, at Studio des Arts Vivants ( )

Ahmed Fakroun will be the 2020 "Sugar Man" !!!

You remember in 2012, the revival of that totally forgotten Mexican-American artist, Sixto Rodriguez - The Sugar Man , who had composed wonderful songs in the 70's, but stayed totally unknown until a film - "Sugar Man", named after its hit song - was made on his story by 2 enthusiastic fans ?

I bet the same will happen to that "new and old" great Lybian rock composer, singer and multi nstrumentist, who was totally unknown to me, despite 20 years of writing and reading on Arab music and World Music !

I heard the song "Ya Bladi" ("Oh my country") on FIP yesterday : a radio of the Radio France group, for me the best radio in the world since it broadcasts all types of music, without stupid advertisements ( ).

I let you enjoy that discovery ! (and the photos of Lybia in the 60’s from that « Ya Bladi » video, so beautiful and peaceful, resemble those of our Arab countries back in those times : Beirut, Tunis, Cairo, Casablanca,…)

And on youtube you will enjoy that whole « Ahmed Fakroun », 1974 album, influenced by the years Ahmed spent in London, listening to the best British and American rock and pop stars ! A pioneer indeed in the Arab musical scene. He is 67 years old now, and will give a concert in Casablanca, at the Le Studio des Arts Vivants (…/ahmed-fakroun-le-28-mars-2020-au-st… ).

We are happy for him - and for all of you who will discover a new GREAT ARAB ARTIST !!!! The original 1974 has been re-issued, and you can buy it here :…/ahmed-fakroun-ahmed-fakrou….


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