The Sinti of Prato welcome refugees

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Across Europe, and also in Italy, episodes of solidarity "from the bottom" are becoming more and more frequent, where ordinary citizens decide to organize themselves or act individually, to welcome migrants and help them, doing what politicians and governments should, but do not, do.

These experiences do not make news, do not end up on the front page or the news bulletins, but they give back a sense to the idea of Europe as a land of hospitality and inclusion.

//Ernesto GrandiniThe Sinti community of Prato, sensitive to the dramatic conditions in which hundreds of people who arrived in Italy by sea or land, decided to mobilize to accept refugees. The news comes directly from Ernesto Grandini, president of the Roma and Sinti comunity in the Tuscan city and a member of the Left Lab. "We are witnessing a dramatic debate on immigration for months- he writes. The refugee emergency re-emerges more forcefully every summer. We have always demanded more rights for minorities, not only for our own. We have always fought for equality, to combat xenophobia and for the right to a dignified life for all. As citizens of Italy and Prato (which we are), as Europeans and as Sinti, we can not continue to look with indifference to what is happening. My community is willing to welcome refugees, to the extent that can be sustainable for us and for their dignity."