Fact sheet on the situtation of Roma in Turkey

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European Roma and Travellers Forum's (ERTF) June 2015 report discloses the discrimination against Roma in Turkey.

"Fact sheet on the situation of Roma in Turkey" outlines the major forms of discrimination and social exlusion under the titles of:


"Drop-out and absenteeism rates continue to be high among Romani children. Poverty, the housing situation, lack of documents, and migration of families for seasonal work as well as bullying by schoolmates or discriminatory attitudes of the teaching personnel contribute to this situation." Early marriages and segregation in school also constitute obstacles.


"Roma, mostly, work in unqualified, unstable and insecure jobs and they encounter difficulties regarding employment due to social exclusion and discrimination. According to a European Network against Racism report in March, on ‘racism and related discriminatory practices in employment in Turkey’, the unemployment rate among Roma people was 85%, the highest of all groups."


"Sub-standard housing conditions, unhealthy professions and widespread poverty which lead to malnutrition and unhealthy life-styles are the main reasons for poor health status. According to local research, evictions have an impact on the overall health status of the persons involved. Major health problems include nutritional deficiency/undernutrition due to tough economic conditions, early marriages and child births, basic health units lacking in Roma neighbourhoods, high risks of fires and home accidents, jobs with heavy and unhealthy working conditions, job accidents."


"80% of Roma are estimated to live in shanty-towns and slum neighbourhoods consisting of houses with one or two rooms. Due to infrastructure problems in many Romani neighborhoods, Roma face hardships in accessing facilities such as electricity, water, sewerage system and transportation. Sanitary conditions are very poor in most Romani settlements."

Public participation:

The report states that "Roma are underrepresented within the public sphere. A number of reasons contribute to this low level of political participation. Among them are poverty, lack of interest and awareness, mistrust towards the politicians and local authorities, and basic lack of opportunity". However, the fact that Özcan Purçu has been elected as the first Roma Member of Parliament, from the main opposition party (Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi-CHP) is also mentioned.











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