Best House Rom at the crosshairs of anti-corruption forces

//Inside the Best House Rom


The intervention of the Authority comes as a result of an exposure presented on February 3 by the 21 July Association, where they denounced the grave structural conditions of the cen ter and the lack of transparency in the municipality's awarding its management for years to the Inopera cooperative.

Located in Visso Street 12/14, on the eastern outskirts of the capital, the Best House Rom is classified as an C/2 industrial building, to be used for the storage of goods and unsuitable for accommodating people.

Currently some hundreds of Roma live there within confined, windowless spaces, in real "niches" - as reported by Luigi Manconi, the president of the Human Rights Commission of the Senate, last January, during a visit to the structure.

The structure was opened in July 2012 and was meant to be a temporary solution, but the Municipality, with a series of executive decisions has maintained its constant use, with considerable economic investment over the years.

In 2014, the Best House Rom cost about 2.8 million euro, (caround 650 euro per month for each guest) but 93% of the resource been used for the management of the structure, while nothing has been allocated to the social inclusion of men, women and children.

For the inquiry, the National Anti-Corruption Authority has asked the City of Rome for an explanation about the repeated assignments of short duration to the Inopera cooperative and about the lack of an appropriate publication at Community level of these credits, in contravention to the principle of transparency.

The Authority has also asked the Municipality to provide detailed information about the requirements asked to the Inopera cooperative for the management of reception services and about the urban planning, construction, health, safety and fire prevention permissions.

"We can not comprehend why, despite the proclamations of the Administration, last word about the Best House Rom has yet not been said", says Carlo Stasolla, president of the 21 July Association.