"Yo no soy Trapacero"

“Yo no soy Trapacero” | Real Academia Española, Yo no soy Trapacero, R.O.M.Rights of Minorities#Yo No Soy trapacero. #Yosoytrapacera. It is with this slogan that the Gitano communities of Spain have launched a campaign against the Royal Spanish Academy, an institute that promotes the Castillian language. In the latest edition of its dictionary, the term "gitano" is explained and associated with the word "trapacero" ie "trickster". More extensively a "trapacero" is "a person who tries to dceive others with cunning, deceit and lies". The Foundation of the Secretariat of the Gitano People asked that the insulting reference be deleted and has launched a campaign on social networks. "A discriminatory definiton generates discrimination" stressed by the State Council of the Gitano people. A video showing Gitano children accidentally finding out the discriminatatory explanation while reading the dictionary is published on the internet. Some are seen to be surprised, others incredulous. The children end their speeches with phrases like: "I don't want them to say this in a dictionary", "they are insulting me", "it doesn't seem right to me", "they wrote lies". Gitano organizations in the country have also sent an open letter to the Royal Spanish Academy asking that the institution "address the Gitano issue with a more sensitive vision towards a community that is terribly stigmatized" .

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