In France, a chart for the rights and dignity of the Roma and more...

carta 545 

"This document is addressed to all the public or private actors involved in this context, reminding them that the rights of the occupants must be respected in all circumstances. It will also be posted in places where these people live to inform them of their rights.

The right to decent housing, education, non-discrimination, fair trial are some of the basics that frame, on a theoretical level, the action of these actors. In practice, these rights are rarely respected, procedures are too often risolved in defiance of national, European and international laws governing them.

The negative consequences are numerous: children dropping out of school, lack of health monitoring, traumas, increase in the number of vagabond people, worsening of the poverty. Organizations recall that the public authorities are obliged to respect them by improving the living conditions of the people rather than worsening them. It is urgent to protect the fundamental rights and, as a priority, the right that they can not be expelled without being rehoused. "


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