2016: The black jubilee for the Gypsy

2016: il giubileo nero degli “zingari” | sgomberi, insediamenti informali, Roma, Giubileo, Associazione 21 luglio, Papa Bergoglio, rom, R.O.M. Rights of Minorities

In Rome, about 2,500 Roma live in precarious spontaneous settlements, the so-called informal settlements. Over the years these people have repeatedly been victims of forced evictions by local authorities. These actions have serious consequences on their human rights, especially of the children; and moreover they represent a huge waste of public resources and an inadequate response, based on an emergency approach rather than on a social vision, which violates the principles recognized by international bodies.

From January to September 2015, 71 forced evictions were carried out in the capital, a number more than twice that recorded in the entire previous year (34).

A strong surge of evictions has taken place since March 13, 2015, to coincide with the announcement of the Jubilee of Mercy by Pope Francis, an event that will bring millions of pilgrims and visitors to the capital. From the day of the proclamation of the Holy Year, forced evictions have tripled, from an average of 3 evictions per month in the three months preceding the announcement to a monthly average of 10 evictions from 13 March to 30 September 2015. In the same period of 2014, the monthly average stood at just over 3 operations.

The 21 July Association is deeply concerned by the surge, fearing a repetition of what happened on the occasion of the Jubilee in 2000, an event that someone did not hesitate to call the "Black Jubilee for the Gypsy."

Participations so far:

PopicaOnlus, Antigone, Cild (Italian Coalition of freedom and civil rights), ATD Quarto Monod, Chico Mendes Association, Scosse, Lunaria, OsservAzione PRIME Italy, Radicals Associations Rome, Chi rom e…chi no, Compare, Unione Inquilini, ASGI (Association of Legal Studies on Immigration), SucarDrom, Sarda Association against Marginalization, FCEI (Federation of Evangelic Churches in Italy), Cooperativa Animazione Valdocco, Romanipé Palermo, ABCittà cooperative social society ONLUS, Zalab.


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