Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival 2012

Celebrating its 10th Birthday, the Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival 2012’s edition will be held from the 6th to the 15th of July, Liverpool, UK.


This year’s edition features films and documentary films, talks, performance arts including music, theatre and dance, various workshops, readings and exhibitions. Various venues.

The Arab world has always given us a rich and wide spectrum of art from mosaics and amphitheatres, grand pre Islamic poetry, or the complex musical scales, maqamat, of the middle ages to the bewildering variety of literature, film, dance, textiles, glass, fine arts and music.  However what has been most remarkable is how Arab arts developed in response to change, migration and turmoil. In Liverpool, a city that can say much about its art and culture coming through change and turmoil, we look beyond reports of riots, war and politics to celebrate the arts, culture and life especially in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain behind the news.  This year LAAF celebrates the triumph of the human spirit and its ability to transform hardship into dance and song, into comedy, into beauty.

Razanne Carmey, Executive Director

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