İstanbul Film Festival

  İstanbul Film Festival The Festival will show approximately 170 films. Among these films will be some brand new films that participated in world-acclaimed festivals last year and were appreciated and greatly honoured with awards, as well as unforgettable cinema classics and masterpieces from the masters of cinema . The program will consist of films from 62 countries and include documentaries and inspired examples from the world of animation.

The popular "Midnight Screenings" will continue this year as well. 6 mind-twisting films were scheduled for this special event. 2 films will be screened every Friday night at Beyoğlu Movie Theater and every Saturday night at ATLAS Movie Theater at 24:00 hours.

Special Screenings
The General will be the first “Special Screening” in İstanbul Film Festival on April 7 th, Thursday at 19:00 hours at Atlas Movie-Theater. The great stone-face of silent comedies, Buster Keaton, both directed and played the leading role in The General. Akbank Chamber Orchestra will accompany the screening with the music of Carl Davis.
The second “Special Screening” will be The Son of the Sheik directed by George Fitzmaurice and known as the last and best film of Rudolph Valentino – the “Latin king of silent films". The Sarband Ensemble will accompany this silent classic played with traditional Turkish instruments such as bandir, zither and kamancha. İstanbul Film Festival New In The Festival
There are 2 new sections in the program of İstanbul Film Festival this year: “Dark Face of the Future: Dystopia” and “Coming of Age”.
Dark Side of the Future: Dystopia
One of the surprise festival sections is titled the “Dark Side of the Future” featuring films themed around the “dystopia” concept – a source of inspiration for many thinkers, authors and directors alike. One these films will be THX1138, the first film of George Lucas who created the Star Wars. The version that will be screened at the Festival was renovated last year and was re-edited by the director in 2004. Another film under this section will be Terry Gilliam 's science-fiction classic, Brazil. The renovated version was launched in Berlin Film Festival in February 2005. After that, the International İstanbul Film Festival will be the second festival screening the renovated version. Moreover, Ridley Scott 's legendary film Blade Runner that was chosen by The Guardian as the best science-fiction film of all times, and Jean-Luc Godard's masterpiece Week-end will also be screened under this category. Godard's latest film completed in 2004, Our Music , is also included in the festival program.

Coming of Age
There is a special section in the festival that is reserved for the youth this year. The toughest part of being young is not being understood by the grown-ups. The films in this section depict the problems, recreations, dreams and joys of youths and adolescents, living in their own worlds with their own values and particular set of rules. Some of the striking films to be screened in this category are: The Holy Girl produced by Pedro Almodovar and directed by Lucrecia Martel, whom you would recollect from the previous festivals with her La Cienaga, and Maria Victoria Menis's Little Sky.

Short Films At The Festival: “Hisar Short Films Selection”
The International İstanbul Film Festival also hosts short films. The “Hisar Short Films Selection” will take place at Boğaziçi University Mithat Alam Film Center from April 18 th to 22 nd, 2005 as part of the İstanbul Film Festival.
“The Best Short Films” produced in 2004 are selected by Reha Erdem, Atilla Dorsay, Yeşim Ustaoğlu and Derviş Zaim for the “Hisar Short Films Selection” that is expected to carry successful Turkish short films and Turkish short film-makers to international festivals and production centers. For more information on “Hisar Short Films Festival” please visit İstanbul Film Festival Guest Stars
The first female director ever to win the Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival with the Piano, Jane Campion, and one of the most impressive actors in the history of cinema, Harvey Keitel, will visit İstanbul for the Film Festival. Jane Campion will chair the jury of the International Golden Tulip Competition. She will be in İstanbul throughout the second week of the festival, and Harvey Keitel will arrive on April 14 th. Jane Campion and Harvey Keitel's Piano will be screened on April 15 th, Friday at 19:00 hours at Emek Movie-Theater. Before the screening, they will meet with the audience. Harvey Keitel will receive at the Closing Gala scheduled for April 16 th, Friday night “The Life-Time Achievement Award”.

Valentina Cervi, one of the shining stars of the Italian cinema, will be in the Festival's Golden Tulip Competition jury this year. The beautiful actress played the leading role in Peter Greenaway's trilogy, The Tulse Luper Suitcases. All three films of the trilogy will be screened in the Festival. Valentina Cervi will meet with the audience on April 10 th, Sunday at Sinepop Movie-Theater right before the screening of her film.
The American producer Monty Montgomery, known as a man of extremes and many faces, a director, screenwriter and producer, will be the guest of the Festival this year. Producer of David Lynch's “Twin Peaks” TV Series, Monty Montgomery has also produced “Being John Malkovich”, David Lynch's “Wild at Heart” and Jane Campion's “The Portrait of a Lady”. Monty Montgomery is in the jury of İstanbul Film Festival International Golden Tulip Competition.

Another note-worthy guest of the Festival will be the pioneer of the French "new novel" genre and creator of "ciné-novel", world-renowned author and director, Alain Robbe-Grillet. Under the “Tributes” section, 5 of his films will be screened. Alain Robbe-Grillet will meet with the audience on April 8 th , Friday at 19:00 hours at Atlas Movie-Theater before the screening of The Beautiful Prisoner. This is where he will receive the “Life-Time Achievement Award”.

The opening film of the festival, Ladies in Lavender, directed by Charles Dance – one of the greatest Shakespeare actors in UK, will visit the festival this year. After the Opening Gala, he will meet with the spectators at the screening of Ladies in Lavender on April 3 rd, Sunday at 21:30 hours at Emek Movie-Theater.

This year, approximately 120 guests will be honouring İstanbul Film Festival some of whom will be directors, actors & actresses, producers, festival representatives and members of foreign press.

Round Table At The Festival: “Balkan Cinema Confronts Eu”
In partnership with Boğaziçi University Mithat Alam Film Center , İstanbul Film Festival will be hosting a round table meeting titled “Balkan Cinema Confronts EU”.
Representatives from Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian cinema sectors will attend the meeting where the participants will elaborate on the problems in the Balkan cinema, creative contacts, distribution difficulties and cultural “customs”.

The Round Table meetings will convene in two sections on April 13 th , Wednesday from 11:00 to 16:00 hours at Boğaziçi University Mithat Alam Film Center. The coordinators will be Bojidar Manov, the Vice-President of FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics); Atilla Dorsay, Representative of FIPRESCI Turkey and Hülya Uçansu, Director of İstanbul Film Festival.

Korean Cinema
This year, there is a special section in the festival dedicated entirely to the Korean cinema that has taken a great step forward in the last decade and attracted considerable attention around the world. This year, there will be 9 challenging Korean films in the festival including Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Memories of Murder and Oasis. The festival also features 2 of Kim Ki-Duk's latest films that were awarded the greater awards at Berlin and Venice Film Festivals: Samaritan Girl and 3-Iron.

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