Ammar Al-Beik

Ammar Al-Beik
Ammar Al-Beik


Self-taught and an amateur of experimental cinema:
Born in Damascus in 1972, Ammar is photographer and director. Self-taught, he accessed the image world by working at the Hayek studio, specialised in fixing cameras and assisting the “notable” such as Mohamed Malas. He considers cinema as sacred and works a lot on experimentation …

Robert Bresson, the mentor:
His current project: to pay homage to Robert Bresson and make a film that speaks about cinema. In this film there will be no actors (no actor directing), no roles (no role study), no staging. On the contrary, there will be models, taken from real life. BEING (models) instead of SEEMING (actors). Some twenty internationally known film directors, face the camera for 5 minutes without a word… Manoel de Oliveria, Catherine Breillat, Paul Verhoeven, Jla Zhangke, Bernardo Bertolucci, Ghassan Salhab, Frederick Wiseman, Naomi Kawase, Alejandro G. Inarritu, Pedro Costa, Alexander Sokourov, Zhang Yimou, Mohamad Malas, Tariq Teguia and Takashi Mllke have already accepted to pose in front of Ammar’s camera. To be continued…

The Syrian documentary needs to conquer its freedom:
The DOX BOX Festival is fine. But the films it presents are only those authorised by censorship… I am the one who brings flowers to her grave isn’t included in it. That’s why I believe this festival should become even freer.”
Ammar wants to: remain a free man, find his own financing without having to depend on anyone… whether on Europe or on Syria.. doing things following the needs of art, that’s all.


Documentaries directed:
1997, Les moissonneurs de lumière , 3 min
2000, They were here , 8 min
2002, The river of gold , 15 min
2002, 16 min , 2 min
2002, Boulevard Assad , 1 min
2002, My eye can see , 8 min
2002, When I color my fish , 5 min
Clapper , 58 min
2006, I am the one who brings flowers to her grave , with Hala Alabdalla
2008, Jerusalem HD , 21 min
2008, Samia , 40 min (cinema, painting and Palestine)








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