Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate?

Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate? Egypt: In a radical dictatorship who is a moderate?
Aged 28, Muslim Brother Abdelmonem Mahmoud can already boast a heavy militant career: arrested several times, he was imprisoned and tortured three times.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate? South-South Radicalisation: Is Morocco a racist state?
For the thousands of Sub-Saharans that flock to Morocco from the Algerian border, the Kingdom is nothing but a transit post before reaching Europe, the final stage of a perilous voyage. This transit can sometimes lead to the end of the line.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate? Holland and Islamophobia: A confused country
We Dutch have always been famous for our tolerance, free minded spirit, freedom of religion, gay pride, knack of doing business with other cultures and our way of finding compromises between conflicting ideals and ideas. All that has changed.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate?  Shooting Back in Palestine: when cameras become weapons
A Jewish woman calls her Palestinian neighbour a prostitute, settlers beat up an Arab shepherd. The victims thanks to camcorders provided by an Israeli NGO filmed these highly publicised scenes. 
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate?  A sense of belonging
Yakout, a tiny lively woman from Algeria, does not in any way wish to be considered French. In her own world “the French, the non-Muslims” are like those next door neighbours, that one greets but doesn’t invite to come inside.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate?  Italian Detention Centres, the black hole of law and justice
635 (out of 775) adolescents landed “unaccompanied” – translated from the bureaucratic jargon, utterly abandoned to themselves –in three months, from May to July 2008, at the rescue and detention centre of the island of Lampedusa, Sicily.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate? Israel: When Arab and Jewish kids go to the same school
In Israel, Jews go to Hebrew schools and Arabs, most of the time, to Arab schools. Some parents, however, are refusing this segregation and founding bilingual schools.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate? Babelmed Journalist to receive Eliav-Sartawi Journalism Award!
Congratulations to our journalist Marie Medina from Jerusalem for the Eliav-Sartawi Journalism Award she's been awarded for her article: “When Arab and Jewish Kids go to the same school”.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate? Jewish radicalism in Jerusalem
The word “radical”, that European media so frequently apply to Islam, is very seldom associated to Judaism. Yet Jewish Fundamentalism is pervasive in Jerusalem, where it enjoys the perfect complacency of Israeli authorities, as long as it is practiced to the detriment of the Palestinian populations.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate? Dutch prevention projects to fight radicalisation
In Holland, Islamic and right wing radicals live together in the same cities. An analysis of the Dutch government approach to fight radicalisation.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate?   Italy: Institutional racism

In Italy, actions are now following the racist declarations. Berlusconi’s new government triggered a persecution against the Rom population. The evictions, the police raids in the camps, the fires set on the shacks, have definitively broken the dams of civil co-existence between “Italians” and “the others”.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate? In Morocco: social injustice creates Kamikazes
What happened in the head of these young Moroccans who were ready to die rather than be captured by police forces? During the two months of March and April 2007, Casablanca lived in terror. And its own children were the cause. This suicidal tendency reminds us of other social behaviours that are just as deadly.

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