Gaza needs our help


Gaza needs our help
The "all-out war" against Palestinians in Gaza, more than 80 percent of whom depend on food aid to survive, is being waged with more than bombs and missiles. As Israel continues its chokehold on Gaza's 1.5 million people, humanitarian agencies from the United Nations on down have struggled to bring the most basic aid, including food and medicine, into this "closed military zone."

Meanwhile, the people of Gaza are doing what they have done for the more than 18 months since Israel sealed them off from the world: They are refusing to give up . You might have seen the images or heard the stories. When fuel was scarce, Gazans learned to power their cars with cooking oil. When the cement ran out, they used the rubble of bombed buildings to erect tombstones for the dead.

And now, as the dead and dying outnumber the medical supplies with which to treat them, Gaza's health workers are forced to jettison everything they know by reusing syringes and even reapplying a single piece of gauze on multiple wounds.

From the outside, the situation seems hopeless. But much can and must be done as governments work to push through desperately needed aid. By listening to our partners on the ground in Gaza, we are finding creative ways to sustain medical operations and care for traumatized children in Gaza.

"The money for these efforts comes entirely from individuals who have contributed in record numbers since early Saturday morning, when news of Israel's attacks first reached us in the United States," said UPA Executive Director Samer Badawi. "We pledge that every cent we raise through this ongoing emergency campaign will go to sustain the people of Gaza."

In four days, more than 630 people in Gaza have been killed, victims of more than 100 tons of Israeli bombs.

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