#18 Days In Egypt, a crowd-sourced documentary project

#18 Days In Egypt, a crowd-sourced documentary project

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned on the 1st of February 2011 after 18 long days of protests and uprisings. The gatherings in Tahrir Square became stronger each day as the Egyptians were all united against the regime. However, it is important to take the role played by social networks once again. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr mobilised a large number of people worldwide, Egyptians and non-Egyptians.

For more than three weeks, Egyptians documented their own revolution through photos, facebook posts, tweets, sms’s and videos. All first-hand accounts remain scattered across the Internet. This is what inspired Jigar Mehta, journalist and filmmaker to create a website called #18 days in Egypt together with Yasmine Elayat, interaction designer and software programmer and Alaa Dajani, documentary filmmaker.

This site intends to be an archive of the rich content of these 18 days and will consist of the varying media (videos, photos, audio) created by protesters on the ground in Egypt. Mehta, who hopes to turn his project into a documentary, describes 18 Days in Egypt as a “crowd sourced archive and documentary project.”

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