Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award 2011



The Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award was launched in 2006 and is organised in collaboration with the COPEAM, the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations, the European Commission and the Monaco Mediterranean Foundation.
Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award 2011
Journalists coming for the 43 countries of the Union of the Mediterranean working on issues of dialogue between cultures are invited to participate to the 5th Edition of the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award. Deadline for submission: 15th July 2011 .
This regional award aims at rewarding journalistic productions that contribute to a better understanding of the diversity of cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean region as well as promoting the positive role played by journalists in providing balances and informed coverage on cultural issues in the region.

Submitted works should tackle intercultural issues between and within Euro-Mediterranean societies, ranging from minorities, migration, integration and identity to religion and cultural traditions.

Works could have been published in printed / online media, or broadcasted on radio or television between the 1st of July 2010 and 15th of July 2011. In addition, and taking into consideration the tremendous changes taking place in Southern Mediterranean countries, a special award will be dedicated to works on the theme “Social change, Citizenship and Participation".

The Anna Lindh Foundation Secretariat and its partners will make a first screening of the submitted entries to preselect journalistic works per each category.

An International Jury composed of Euromed experts media professionals will examine the preselected journalistic items and propose a list of five prize-winners. These five prize-winners will be invited to the Award Ceremony in Monaco. The winners will receive a sum of money and will be involved in the Anna Lindh Foundation’s activities all year round.



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