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The boys of the fence
The boys of the fence | babelmed | travel - mediterranean11th post. Patras. Along with migrants from all over the world, the muhajirins are also waiting for the right moment to jump the fence bordering the port, in a surreal and dangerous hide and seek with the police.
Casablanca, city of a thousand faces
Casablanca, city of a thousand faces | babelmed | travel - mediterraneanCasablanca “claims to have been a sprawling metropolis before it was even designated a city.” It “does not have the assets of an imperial city, but contains the best of a global city.”
A tale of rivers and borders
A tale of rivers and borders | babelmed | travel - mediterranean8th post. Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece. Three separate nations united by the Evros-Meriç-Maritsa, today the last door for the muhajirins attempting to land in Europe. Maybe Mussa Khan has already passed here, but more and more of his traveling companions are losing their lives in the dark meanders of the river
Behind the wall
Behind the wall | babelmed | travel - mediterraneanIn the Balkans the era of bloody conflicts is over. But instead of proceeding along the difficult path of dialogue, many are scrambling to raise walls to keep the "other" at a safe distance. And even the European Union doesn't seem immune from such temptations. A comment
A meeting with the devil
A meeting with the devil | babelmed | travel - mediterranean4th post. The kaçakç?lar , human traffickers, have neither business cards nor sales offices. They mingle with the people in the alleys, in the cafés, in the square in front of the mosque. Shifty, invisible, always on the migrants’ route, they could be the only way to find Mussa Khan’s tracks again
The other side of the acropolis
The other side of the acropolis | babelmed | travel - mediterranean10th post. Athens. The place where democracy was born hides a dark and painful side: it is the streets and squares where the muhajirins live illegally, waiting for a future that never comes.
Greece, poor Greece
Greece, poor Greece | babelmed | travel - mediterranean9th post. Victims of conflicts that do not concern them, like the hoary one between Greece and Turkey, which has left a mortal trail of mines along the border of the Evros.
Mussa Khan. Downtown
Mussa Khan. Downtown | babelmed | travel - mediterranean7th Post. Istanbul: connection between two continents, Asia and Europe. Where refugees like Mussa Khan are obliged to pass, especially now that the routes of the muhajirins have shifted towards North. Here, their destiny crosses with the contradictions hovering between economic development and denied rights
Mussa Khan. Dead end
Mussa Khan. Dead end | babelmed | travel - mediterranean6th post. The Silk Road of the Third Millennium carries human flesh. Its terminal on Turkish soil is Izmir: here, muhajirins arrive. Muhajirins, like Mussa Khan, who try the Aegean route to end up, too often, at the bottom of the sea. To look for him, I need to enter Basmane, Europe’s last door.
Mussa Khan: The Jirga of Gaziantep
Mussa Khan: The Jirga of Gaziantep | babelmed | travel - mediterranean5th post. The distance, journey and precariousness are notenough to deprive the Afghan refugees of their roots. The “Jirga” meets also in Gaziantep. The assembly of elders sits to face the painful topic of exile, but also day-to-day problems of those who hover between a bitter present and an uncertain future

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