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Slow Food Turkey: Wheat Rites
Francesco Martino   
Slow Food Turkey: Wheat Rites | babelmed | travel - mediterraneanThe Princes' Islands are the tourist destination for those who want to leave behind the frenzy of the immense metropolis on the Bosporus. These islands have been for millennia a laboratory of cultural contamination, as testified by recipes, smells, tastes, and words.
On board the Pobeda
Paolo Martino   

On board the Pobeda | babelmed | travel - mediterraneanVartuhi left Beirut in 1946, to reach Soviet Armenia aboard a ship called "Pobeda". In Stalin's land, however, the survivors of the genocide saw the dream of a homeland turn into a nightmare. Travelling to the Caucasus on the paths of migrations. Fourth episode of the story "From the Caucasus to Beirut".

Sarop’s armed struggle
Paolo Martino   

Sarop’s armed struggle | babelmed | travel - mediterraneanArafat’s bodyguard, then on the front line in the Armenian armed struggle and for 10 years a prisoner in a Syrian jail. “When I came out, everything had changed. The USSR no longer existed”. The meeting with Sarop, in Beirut’s Armenian quarter. The second episode of the report “From the Caucasus to Beirut”


Welcome among Armenians in Lebanon
Paolo Martino   

Welcome among Armenians in Lebanon | babelmed | travel - mediterraneanIn the Bekaa valley, in Lebanon, in the company of Hrayer, a boy from the local Armenian community. Among fruit trees, vegetables and a tragic past. The first episode of the report “From the Caucasus to Beirut”.

Asylum Roulette
Asylum Roulette | babelmed | travel - mediterranean13th post. Ancona, Italy. Here is the “Europe” dreamed of by Mussa Khan. Here too, though, welcoming the muhajirins are metal fences and procedures that make applications for asylum a runaway and distant prospect
The portrait and the hawk
Paolo Martino   

The portrait and the hawk | babelmed | travel - mediterraneanThe meeting with Vartuhi and with the fate that divided her from her sister in 1946. She lives in Musa Dagh, in Armenia, where a huge hawk reminds travellers of the Armenian fighters who in 1915 opposed the Ottoman troops. The fifth episode of the story “From the Caucasus to Beirut”.

Nostalgia before memories
Paolo Martino   

Nostalgia before memories | babelmed | travel - mediterraneanProfessor Adakessian’s slow pacing up and down the halls of the Armenian University of Haigazian, Rafi and his shoe factory in centre city Beirut, the present that shows up again in the old pictures of the Pobeda, the Russian ship that carried thousands of Armenians from the Lebanon to Soviet Armenia. The third episode of the story “From the Caucasus to Beirut”.

8 Days in Palestine
Fadwa Al Qasem   
8 Days in Palestine | babelmed | travel - mediterraneanFadwa al Qasem, Palestinian author, poet, translator and artist born in Libya tells her first trip to Ramallah, Palestine...
When roads do not end in Rome
When roads do not end in Rome | babelmed | travel - mediterranean14th and last post. They say all roads lead to Rome. Even that of Mussa Khan and the thousands of Afghanmuhajirins for whom Italy is just a stop in the restless and tormented search for a better life. Among the building sites along the Ostiense Station stops the story of a journey that has no end
Destination Europe
Destination Europe | babelmed | travel - mediterranean12th post. In Igoumenitsa the muhajirins dream of Europe. It does not matter if they are there already: for them, the one that counts is on the other side of the Adriatic. Here Mussa Khan too, as many before him, tries his hand with fate.

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