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Note | babelmed | music - concert - disc - mediterraneanThe articles of the MUZZIKA ! section, by Nadia Khouri-Dagher, are not all being translated into english. To view all the articles written since 2007, please click here
Nadia Khouri-Dagher   
Buika | babelmed | music - concert - disc - mediterraneanThe Spanish revelation of these last years is… a black voice! Buika, born in Palma de Majorca - her parents were from Equatorial Guinea - has snatched the language and music of the country in which she grew up, and offers songs full of pain in flamenco and...
MUZZIKA! 2007-2009
Nadia Khouri-Dagher   
MUZZIKA! Moroccan reggae...
This month: Moroccan reggae, the soundtrack of the documentary “Nuba d'or et de lumière” (Nuba of gold and light), the pick of the bunch of the Egyptian “Sayyed Darwich”, an album of rural Tunisian songs, Putumayo’s album “Italia” and Boya’s first creation. Spread the word!
MUZZIKA! December- January 09
MUZZIKA! December- January 09 | babelmed | music - concert - disc - mediterraneanThis month, we melted for Antònio Zambujo’s voice, who dares putting passion in his voice, like only Latin singers can, but also for by Belgian saxophonist of Sicilian origins Pierre Vaiana, Akim El Sikameya, Abed Azrié…
MUZZIKA! June 2008
MUZZIKA! June 2008 | babelmed | music - concert - disc - mediterraneanThis month’s highlight is Buika, the flamenco revelation of these last years, the little African girl who grew up among the gipsies of Palma de Majorca and today relays the immemorial Spanish music with all her soul.
MUZZIKA! February 2008
MUZZIKA! February 2008 | babelmed | music - concert - disc - mediterraneanA real happening : Bernard Lavilliers’s last album, a musical homage to Lebanon and to its tragic present.
MUZZIKA! December 07-January 08
MUZZIKA! December 07-January 08 | babelmed | music - concert - disc - mediterraneanFrom London to Lahore, passing by Erevan: a great trip to start the year!
MUZZIKA! November 2007
MUZZIKA! November 2007 | babelmed | music - concert - disc - mediterraneanRun to the nearest music shop and buy the latest CD by Ojos de Brujo, a gipsy band from Barcelona, now a cult in Spain! Try and stop dancing if you can!
MUZZIKA! October 2007
MUZZIKA! October 2007 | babelmed | music - concert - disc - mediterraneanAs from Paris, Tunis, Algiers or Rome, what do we know of what goes on in Israel apart from the stamping of combat boots – or worse? Muzzika of this month presents the latest musical releases from Israel and reminds us that the music scene today is quite lively and intense in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Jaffa with Jewish and Palestinian artists who, like everywhere in the world, love music above all else – and more so than politics!