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“The history of relations between Jews and Muslims, from its origins to the present day”
Nathalie Galesne   

“The history of relations between Jews and Muslims, from its origins to the present day” | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanFirst of all, do not be overwhelmed by this encyclopedia of 1200 pages, because while on the one hand this “history of relations between Jews and Muslims, from its origins to the present day” constitutes a colossal-sum, on the other hand it is a tumultuous journey of knowledge. Interview with Benjamin Stora, co- director of the work.

Lentamente/slow | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanA special book in English and Italian result of a collaboration between the French photographer Sopie Bachelier and the Senegalese Boubacar Boris Diop and the Italian Nando della Chiesa, two determined politically committed intellectuals.
Narration Versus Myth
Narration Versus Myth | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanWriting the Mediterranean was the theme that brought together 12 writers of the “white sea” at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
The World in Alphabetical Order
The World in Alphabetical Order | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanAs I prepare to write this piece about Péter Zilahy’s ingenious picture dictionary for the over fives “The Last Window –Giraffe”, Le Monde announces the arrest, after over a decade defying the vagaries of human justice, of Radovan Karadži?, the “poet, politician, psychiatrist, psychopath, war criminal.”
Beirut: “World Book Capital 2009”
Beirut: “World Book Capital 2009” | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanUnesco Director-General announced on the 3rd of July the nomination of Beirut as the “World Book Capital 2009”. According to the selection committee, the city of Beirut was selected “in the light of its focus on cultural diversity, dialogue and tolerance, and of its diverse and stimulating programme.” During that year the city should undertake to organise and run a larger number of events around books, literature and reading.
“Well-tempered Multiculturalism”
Alexis Nuselovici (Nouss)   
“Well-tempered Multiculturalism” | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanProfessor at the University of Montreal, linguist, philosopher, anthropologist, Alexis Nouss been exploring the notions of multiculturalism and interculturalism in art for several years. He is the author of several books and reference articles on the subject. Its design is that of a multiculturalism respecting differences in a collective project.
Banipal Magazine of Modern Arab Literature
Banipal Magazine of Modern Arab Literature | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanThe 40th Issue of Banipal- Magazine of Arab Mordern Literature celebrates Libyan fiction. At this great period of change, uprisings and revolutions across the Arab world, this issue presents Libya’s foremost and emerging fiction writers.
The Comic Book Fever
The Comic Book Fever | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanLong confined to children's books and a victim of censorship, the comic book is now taking off on the Southern side of the Mediterranean.
Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival
Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanBirgu, Malta, 11th to 13th of SeptemberSix foreign and four Maltese short story writers and poets, a Funk band and a singer songwriter will be participating in this year's third edition of the unconventional Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival at Couvre Porte in Birgu.
Michel Kilo and the weakening of nationalist sentiment
Michel Kilo and the weakening of nationalist sentiment | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanThe book, My exile in the prisons of Syrian Intelligence by Syrian poet Faraj Bayrakdar helps us imagine how Michel Kilo must spend his days and nights in the various jails and prisons that where Bayrakdar spent some 14 years of life.

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