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Tomorrow will be worse
Tomorrow will be worse | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanAmira Hass is Jewish, Israeli, correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and the only journalist in her country who speaks about her neighbours, from the inside. The new Italian publishing house, “Fusi Orari” part of the Italian newspaper “Internazionale” will, this month, publish her letters from Palestine and Israel, written between 2001 and 2005. Its title is clear: “Tomorrow will be worse”.
4th International Tangiers Book fair
4th International Tangiers Book fair | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanThe fourth edition of the International book fair of Tangiers (Silt - 2005) chose, as its main theme, 'The challenges of this century, diversity, singularity and universality'. It will host numerous writers, publishers and personalities from Europe and the Middle-east. A special tribute will be paid to writer Driss Chraïbi. Tangiers, 23-27th of February
Israeli and Arab Writers to Meet in Sheikh Hussein Bridge
Israeli and Arab Writers to Meet in Sheikh Hussein Bridge | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanJanuary 31, 2005, Sheikh Hussein Bridge Israeli, Palestinian and Arab writers from around the world will meet at the Sheikh Hussein Bridge on Tuesday, February 15, 2005 for a unique literary gathering. The Bridge, which is an international crossing point between Israel and Jordan, serves as a powerful symbol of hope, a link to understanding and a passageway over conflict.
Struggling like an Immigrant
Struggling like an Immigrant | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanAdrian Grima interviews Nora Amin, an extraordinary writer, performer and theatre director who arrived in Malta on Thursday 16 September.
Aslı ERDOĞAN | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanAfter her physics lessons Asl? Erdo?an would lock herself away in her room to write frantically; night after night, often until the early morning. The torments which inhabited her needed to be evacuated… Now she is confirmed writer, who, with courage and determination continues along the tumultuous paths of literary creation.
“Hidden Away from the Public Eye”. Irregular Immigration and the Press
“Hidden Away from the Public Eye”.  Irregular Immigration and the Press | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterranean100 journalists, editors and columnists writing in the Maltese press have signed an important petition that calls on the Maltese government to allow the press to visit the detention centres for “irregular immigrants.” The journalists said that under the present circumstances, the media coverage of immigrants' detention is limited only to the publication of official statements and press releases, without any first-hand information against which the veracity or otherwise of such statements can be ascertained.
No like klandestini
Adrian Grima   

No like klandestini | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanKlandestini - Emerging Mediterranean Writers is a 15-month multilateral creative writing project which consisted mainly of a series of creative writing workshops for emerging writers in Malta, Cyprus, Greece, and Italy. “Klandestini,” is a Maltese word which refers to so-called “illegal immigrants,” an image and/or theme that people felt grounded them in reality and inspired them without confining them.

The Constant Dilemma of Writing Poetry I
The Constant Dilemma of Writing Poetry I | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanImmanuel Mifsud talks to Adrian Grima about writing in Maltese, his “leading writer” tag, Sara Sue Sammut, the disillusions of the post-communist era in Eastern Europe, the two Bratislavas, the fragility beneath fallen leaves, and his poet friend and translator, Maria Grech Ganado.
Planting trees in the desert
Planting trees in the desert | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanInterview with the writer Stefan Capaliku and director Alfred Trebickq
Forging the Maltese Imaginary
Forging the Maltese Imaginary | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanMetaphor has played a fundamental role in the “forging” of the Maltese national imaginary that lies at the junction between “real history” and literary texts.

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