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Milan-Rome, before the end of the world
Milan-Rome, before the end of the world | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanOne October morning on top of the Canebière, in Marseilles, in the heart of the Zone, Mathias Enard is travelling, having left for three months to meet with his readers. The Zone, is the vast geographical and historic territory, that is title, décor and subject of the novel.
Mahmoud Darwish: the poet of our ambivalence
Mahmoud Darwish: the poet of our ambivalence  | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanFor over twenty years I have avoided writing about him; that was my way to thwart my perplexity about him and the ambivalence of my relation to the experience of his poetry which I loved, hated, and respected.
The World in Alphabetical Order
The World in Alphabetical Order | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanAs I prepare to write this piece about Péter Zilahy’s ingenious picture dictionary for the over fives “The Last Window –Giraffe”, Le Monde announces the arrest, after over a decade defying the vagaries of human justice, of Radovan Karadži?, the “poet, politician, psychiatrist, psychopath, war criminal.”
Albert Cossery: On the Revolutionary Use of Mockery
Albert Cossery: On the Revolutionary Use of Mockery | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanAlbert Cossery may not be the only Egyptian author to write in French though he is probably the only one who brought Egypt to Paris in his luggage, as with an ancient treasure you ceaselessly keep digging into.
Tomorrow will be worse, Amira Hass
Tomorrow will be worse,  Amira Hass | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanAmira Hass’ gaze is penetrating, both tired and decisive. Behind her small round glasses, her eyes move rapidly looking anxiously for information and images that can help her to reply to the question in the most concise way possible. You get the impression that here, in this Conference room in Rome, she is behaving exactly as she does everyday, going out of her house in Ramallah, the Administrative Capital of Palestine.
Loads of Language I
Loads of Language I | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanIn Korea, Palestinian writer Adania Shibli is out of language. Here is the first part of her linguistic diary of a Palestinian in Seoul.
Seyran Ates “Silence Makes Me An Accomplice”
Seyran Ates “Silence Makes Me An Accomplice”  | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanSeyran Ates was born into a Turkish family and moved from Istanbul to Berlin at the age of six. Now a successful lawyer and writer, she has been working for the rights of women for many years.
Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival
Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanBirgu, Malta, 11th to 13th of SeptemberSix foreign and four Maltese short story writers and poets, a Funk band and a singer songwriter will be participating in this year's third edition of the unconventional Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival at Couvre Porte in Birgu.
Beirut: “World Book Capital 2009”
Beirut: “World Book Capital 2009” | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanUnesco Director-General announced on the 3rd of July the nomination of Beirut as the “World Book Capital 2009”. According to the selection committee, the city of Beirut was selected “in the light of its focus on cultural diversity, dialogue and tolerance, and of its diverse and stimulating programme.” During that year the city should undertake to organise and run a larger number of events around books, literature and reading.
Haifa: to return or not to return
Haifa: to return or not to return | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanIn an article in Al Akhbar, Lebanese journalist Pierre Abi Saab was stating that if the Rolling Stones had refused to play a concert in Israel as a result of the Palestinian campaign for a cultural boycott of the country, then Mahmoud Darwish shouldn’t go to Haifa. Why did Ghassan Kanafani write 35 years ago "Returning to Haifa", and now we write “Don’t return to Haifa”?

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