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Sleepless in Algiers
Sleepless in Algiers | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanThe title of short story anthology Algiers, When the Town is Asleep sounds like a tribute to John Huston’s feature movie The Asphalt Jungle from 1950. But, this is only an excuse, “to describe the city of Algiers in a way that avoids commonplace language.” The Algerian capital is too often depicted as a motionless seaside statue, indifferent to its own wounds.
Strolling in the heart of Istanbul with Ahmet Ümit
Strolling in the heart of Istanbul with Ahmet Ümit | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanFor Turkish writer Ahmet Ümit, the vibrant Istanbul area of Taksim is a special place. Here, the acclaimed author takes you on board to listen to his anecdotes and visit some favourite places in the city.
Ongoing book café campaign in Malta
Ongoing book café campaign in Malta | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanThe Kampanja Ktieb Kafé (book café campaign) launched in Malta by Maltese writer Nadia Mifsud Mutschler is all about the promotion of “reading with pleasure” in a Mediterranean country where the percentage of readers is among the lowest in Europe.
Libraries in Palestine
Libraries in Albania
To Algeria With Love
To Algeria With Love | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanIf “To Algeria with love” is so brilliant and moving, this is undoubtedly because of its deep humanity. Suzanne Ruta intertwines passion, wit and lucidity in a powerful and gripping novel. Book review by Cécile Oumhani followed by an interview with the author.
Contemporary Palestinian Literature – a new generation?
Contemporary Palestinian Literature – a new generation? | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterranean“From several texts written by contemporary Palestinian writers that I have read, I would say that it a literature of suffocation and the literature of the last breath that never ends.” Adania Shibli
Narration Versus Myth
Narration Versus Myth | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanWriting the Mediterranean was the theme that brought together 12 writers of the “white sea” at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
Libraries in Morocco
Libraries in Algeria

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