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To Leila Alaoui
Marc Mercier   

To Leila Alaoui | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanOur tears will not dry
THEY murdered a flower
but not her fragrance
nor her colours


“Poetry is the common language of humanity”
Ă–vgĂĽ Pınar   

“Poetry is the common language of humanity” | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanAtaol Behramo?lu, one of the leading Turkish poets and political critics, had an anthology of his poems translated into Italian for the first time. In an interview with Babelmed, Behramo?lu says poetry is “the common language of humanity” and can help bring people from different countries together.

Historian Jacques Le Goff dies

Historian Jacques Le Goff dies | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanFrench historian shed light on Middle Ages and “changed the way we deal with history” has passed away at the age of 90.

Writing the Tunisian Revolution
CĂ©cile Oumhani   

Writing the Tunisian Revolution | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanEverywhere TVs, radios and computers were on almost day and night for months, eclipsing all other windows. Facebook pages, videos on cell-phones, Twitter messages captured our whole attention...

The Economic & Social Crisis in the eyes of Mediterranean writers and poets
Stanley Borg   

The Economic & Social Crisis in the eyes of Mediterranean writers and poets | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanThe Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival was held from the 30th of August to the 1st of September. Entitled “Dieta kontra l-Kri?i” (Crisis Fare), this year’s edition focused on the economic and social crisis with an allusion to the easy discourse about the Mediterranean diet. Babelmed is publishing a series of interviews that the TV guide of the Times of Malta held with some of the festival’s participants coming from different Euro-Mediterranean countries questioning mainly the role of a writer in a crisis.

Positive Lebanon
Nadia Khouri-Dagher   

Positive Lebanon | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanA Lebanon full of great people and associations that make the country go forward. This is what the 400 pages of Positive Lebanon are all about, a plunge into the multitude of initiatives launched by civil society for a better life in a country plagued by a thousand difficulties.

Mashallah News book: Beirut Re-Collected
Mashallah News   

Mashallah News book: Beirut Re-Collected | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanMashallah News, in collaboration with the designers from AMI, published in March 2014 a book about Beirut, mixing narration and photography. Beirut Re-Collected, or in French Beyrouth, chroniques et dĂ©tours, was published by Tamyras, the Lebanese publishing house.

“The history of relations between Jews and Muslims, from its origins to the present day”
Nathalie Galesne   

“The history of relations between Jews and Muslims, from its origins to the present day” | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanFirst of all, do not be overwhelmed by this encyclopedia of 1200 pages, because while on the one hand this “history of relations between Jews and Muslims, from its origins to the present day” constitutes a colossal-sum, on the other hand it is a tumultuous journey of knowledge. Interview with Benjamin Stora, co- director of the work.

“Well-tempered Multiculturalism”
Alexis Nuselovici (Nouss)   
“Well-tempered Multiculturalism” | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanProfessor at the University of Montreal, linguist, philosopher, anthropologist, Alexis Nouss been exploring the notions of multiculturalism and interculturalism in art for several years. He is the author of several books and reference articles on the subject. Its design is that of a multiculturalism respecting differences in a collective project.
May we have a word 2?
Stanley Borg   

May we have a word 2? | babelmed | literature - poesy - books - mediterraneanIn this second series of interviews, journalist Stanley Borg for the Times of Malta goes on questioning writers, poets and translators coming from Spain, Malta, Greece, Libya and Syria on the current social and economic crisis in the Euro-Mediterranean region.


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