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REPORT: GENDER QUESTIONS | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterraneanIs it possible to examine aspects of gender relations on all shores of the Mediterranean? That is what this report aims to do, with articles by eight independent networks (Arablog, Babelmed, Frame, Inkyfada, MadaMasr, Mashallah News, Radio M, Enab Baladi) who address a surprising mosaic of issues such as: work, with articles on self-management in Turkey and Tunisia, professional practices through the portraits of two women with “male jobs”, an Algerian butcher and a Sardinian miner; the subculture of male violence through four reports on femicide in Italy, divorce in Tunisia, harassment of women journalists in Egyptian media, women's battles in Raqqa; and finally stories of men involved in the fight against violence by using creativity. EBTICAR

R.O.M. Dossier

R.O.M. Dossier | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterranean

Features EBTICAR

Features EBTICAR | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterranean Gender Questions

Mediterranean territories

Cultural independences

Egypt, renaissance of the feminist movement
Dina Kabil   
Egypt, renaissance of the feminist movement | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterraneanEgyptian feminists have realised that the only way to deal with the Salafists is by getting together and it works: it seems that the extremists’ attempts to marginalise the feminist movement have helped strengthen it.
Le fruit de l'amour, de Saïd Ait El Moumen et l’association Dar Bellarj
Le fruit de l'amour, de Saïd Ait El Moumen et l’association Dar Bellarj | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterranean
Mediterranean: Portraits of a Generation
How do they live, what are their aspirations? What are the difficulties that they have to face? The vast series of investigations on the 20 to 30 year old generation in the Mediterranean tempts to answer these questions. Second tour around Morocco, Egypt, Italy and Spain.
Feauture - Cultural independences
Feauture - Cultural independences | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterraneanFeauture - Cultural independences | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterraneanFreedom to love, to think, to create, to inform... Personal or participatory freedoms, economic autonomy... In this second Ebticar dossier, the cultural independences are told in all ways. This dossier was created with articles from Arablog, inkyfada, Mada Masr, Mashallah News, Maghreb émergent (Radio M) and Vizualizing Impact, projects supported under the Ebticar-Media program.
Mediterranean territories

Mediterranean territories | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterraneanMediterranean territories | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterraneanThe territories of the southern Mediterranean shore, although having already gone through difficult times, have never been so precarious and complex as they are currently. Mediterranean citizens have rarely faced similar challenges and tests. Territories to be discovered in this first Ebticar dossier, produced thanks to the contributions by New Syrian Voices, Visualizing Impact, Mashallah News, Mada Masr and Inkyfada...

Umami, d'Hélène Abrand
Umami, d'Hélène Abrand | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterranean
Young Mediterraneans
Young Mediterraneans | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterraneanA year ago, Babelmed published a vast investigation on youth carried out in 11 Mediterranean countries. Confined youth… with no future… These investigations clearly focused on a whole range of young people whose energies are being wasted and whose hopes are fading away.
The Burqa in France and Europe
The Burqa in France and Europe | babelmed | dossier - report - mediterraneanIn France, minds are once again inflamed by th veil issue. This time, it's all about the Burqa, a veil which covers the woman's body entirely. Analysis and reports will be found in this file published in number 29 of the Courrier de l'Atlas review.

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