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  Soon, a European Digital Library? | babelmed The European Digital Library has just been lauched, or at least the 5-year process which will allow to digitise 6 million books currently in archive in many European libraries. More precisely, on 27 March, a working group will meet to resolve such thorny issues as copyrights, digitising techniques, public-private partnerships…and funding.
Already 16 European countries, both inside and outside the EU, have designate dtheir participating library: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland and the UK, along with Italy (through ICCU) and CENL (Conference of European National Libraries).
Later on, some 30 other libraries will join the process.
Already now, you can consult a website . Terribly austere, one should say, but it’s a beginning! Babelmed editorial team