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New tool for Funding opportunities in South East Europe | babelmed
The European Cultural Foundation and the ECUMEST Association have publish a survey on "Funding opportunities for international cultural cooperation in and with South East Europe".
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The survey has been commissioned by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and has been carried out by the ECUMEST Association, with the participation of Relais Culture Europe.It aims to provide an overview of those stakeholders that support cultural cooperation in the region of South East Europe, where the ECF has been proactively supporting cultural cooperation since the early 1990s.The document is not a guide to fundraising nor a comprehensive analysis of funders' policies and support for cultural cooperation projects in South East Europe. It comes as a response to the claims of cultural operators in the region that insufficient resources are invested in cultural cooperation, despite the fact that such cooperation is of fundamental importance to the democratisation and reconciliation of the societies of South East Europe. It is also a response to the oft-repeated political statement that culture is important. The survey identifies ways of matching support to existing needs by giving a fuller picture of what is available at present in terms of funding opportunities. This constitutes only one part of a much larger process. As this process develops, it will help to identify pressing needs and efficient ways of responding to them, offering the cultural sector an overview of current priorities and mechanisms of support. This in turn should nourish debate on the role that culture could and should play in the region and the different responsibilities of the various actors involved - not only cultural actors, but funders also. It is a process that the ECF and the ECUMEST Association wish to pursue on several fronts as they continue to promote and develop cooperation projects in and with South East Europe. The survey should be a useful tool for all funders, cultural practitioners and artists who are interested in fostering cultural cooperation in and with South East Europe. For more infos: Isabelle Schwarz, Cultural Policy Development Manager, European Cultural FoundationCorina Suteu, President, ECUMEST Association Babelmed editorial team