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Grand Atlas Prize 2009 | babelmedCreated in 1991 by the French Embassy in Morocco, the Grand Atlas Prize aims at promoting the Moroccan publishing industry. it rewards literary Moroccans works written in French and, since 2004, Arabic translations of French literary works.

Among the prize winners, some famous Moroccan writers and intellectuals like Hind Taarji, Driss Chraibi, Mohamed Ennaji, Mohamed Kabli, Abdou Filaly-Ansary or Mohammed Bennis.

The 16th edition will be held under the presidency of Régis Debray, philosopher and founder of the Cahiers de médiologie and current president of the European Institut of Religious Sciences. The jury will also be composed of Makram Abbes, Ahmed Alami, Ali Benmakhlouf, Mounia Belafia, Samira Ezzel, and Jean-Robert Henry. The jury will award one prize for a literary work in French and one prize for a work translated from French into Arabic.

The selected books are representative of the Moroccan publishing production.

The prize handing ceremony will take place on Tuesday 16th of June 2009 at the Residence de France in the presence of Sir Jean-Francois Thibault, Ambassador of France in Morocco.