19th International İzmir Festival | festival
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19th International İzmir Festival | festival
Gheorghe Zamfir
After having hosted the pan flute virtuoso of Romania, Gheorghe Zamfir, at the Ephesus Antique Theatre with the “Madrigal” concert for the Opening night, the Festival will switch to the Turkish and Greek Art Encounter proposed by Petros Gaitanos (Greece), who did various selected samples of “ Greek Music over Centuries”. Petros will sing two Turkish songs that are very popular in Greece. Then, the choreographer Crystal Pite, together with the Montreal Jazz Ballet will perform “The Stolen Show”.
The last concert, the 30th June, will be performed by Tekfen Philarmonic Orchestra, admired for their concert at the closing ceremony of the exhibition “Turks” in London. It will be dedicated to Ahmet Piriştina, former mayor of Piriştina and one of the strongest supporter of the Foundation, on the first anniversary of his decease.
19th International İzmir Festival | festival
A diva at Çeşme Castle
Emma Shapplin, an artist popular all over the world with her extraordinary voice and interpretation, will be at the Çeşme Castle. Shapplin will be singing her beautiful songs from her album called “Etterna”.

The Philarmonic of Nations and A Great Conductor
One of the most talented conductors of our era, Justus Frantz, will be participating in the 19th
İzmir International Festival with his biggest dream “The Philharmonia of the Nations”. The soloist of the concert, which is taking place on 7th July at the Ephesus Antique Theatre, will be the cellist Alexander Bagrinstev. On the wings of the songs
Şirin Pacaroğlu, famous for her successful performances of the harp, and soprano Ayşe Sezerman will be at the Çeşme Castle on 9th July. These two distinguished artists will be performing their new project “ On the wings of the songs”.

Chamber music at the Celsus
Alt Wiener Octet, one of the best known Chamber Music ensembles of Europe, will give a concert at the Celsus Library on 13th July. Violonist Alfred Pfleger, the founder of the ensemble, will join the concert as a soloist .

And Jane Birkin..
19th İzmir International Festival will end with the Jane Birkin’s concert on 16th July. Jane Birkin, the outsanding artist with a well-deserved worldwide reputation, will sing from her album “Arabesque”.