Living Spaces, 2nd AllArtNow Festival | festival
Living Spaces, 2nd AllArtNow Festival Print
The 2nd AllArtNow Festival took place in Damascus from the 25th to the 30th May 2010. The Festival, consisting of video art screenings, lectures, installations, performances, artistic workshops and encounters was created by a group of artists transported by their energy, their desire to cross views with the entire world, and their belief in the sharing of experiences and imaginations.
Living Spaces, 2nd AllArtNow Festival | festival
On the occasion of this event, Abir Boukhari, curator and her sister Nisrine, artistic director, declare that art is an essential component of society as it deals with social, political and cultural issues.

Living Spaces, 2nd AllArtNow Festival | festivalThe different artistic productions presented during the Festival deal with diverse social issues. While Raeda Saadeh (installation entitled Vacuum , Palestine) vacuumed the sand of the desert, Iman Hasbani (Syria), questioned the audience about life, death, dream, future... in her installation Vision . The Habitual view by Muhammad Ali focused on mass media and consumer society and Luciana Lyrio (Brazil) dealt with the status of women in society in her performance Consolation . During his lecture, Marc Mercier (France) gave the audience an overview of the international history of video art and questions the necessity of imbalance to make a film.

Creativity was given a large place in this Festival. Through the project Behind words, ten young artists from Syria had an open discussion on the relationships between Man and Woman in ten very sensitive, singular and independent video art films.

This itinerary festival tries to reach different audiences and opens new spaces of Living Spaces, 2nd AllArtNow Festival | festivalexhibition of contemporary art like the beautiful Maktab Anbar Palace, erasing the borders between art and life.

The organisation of the Video art and performance Biennial /SI:N/ in Palestine (May 2009) and the AllArtNow Festival in Sham (Damascus) proof, once again, that Middle Eastern countries are in phase with the contemporary world, in the way it is lived and thought in the rest of the world.

To conclude, I would like to share the words of Burhan Bukhari, researcher and thinker from Syria:
“I am not only hoping that this new gathering will succeed, but rather wholeheartedly appealing to them (AllArtNow team) to be patient and determined to overcome all obstacles, to refrain, as much as possible, from despair, to transcend inhibitions, and to move forward in a long journey tirelessly and untiringly by holding a deep belief that Art is not a commodity in the age of “Globalization”, but rather a flag that has to be continually carried by successive generations.”

Naïk M'Sili
Festival Les Instants Vidéo
Marseille, Tuesday June 8th 2010