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Annemarie Jacir stopped at Alenby bridge  | babelmedAnnemarie Jacir, who’s latest movie, Le Sel de la mer , was selected for participating at the next Cannes International Film Festival, was stopped at the Israelian boarder of Alenby as she planed to come back to Palestine for the world première of her film.

She was going back home, in Palestine , for the world realease of her new film, Le sel de la mer,
first film ever realised by a palestinian woman.

She was kept at the boarder for six hours, time during wich she get constantly questionned and saw her mobile phone being stolen by the Israeli police, before they refused to let her in. She was then forced to get on a bus that send her back to Jordan.

Israel still continues to denny access to hundreds of people in Palestine as well as they do to remarquables film makers such Jacir.

Annemarie who’s originary from the westbank, was forbiden to enter in Palestine for 9 month, so that she had to shoot some of the last scenes of her film near Marseille, in south of France.

Source: ISM