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Paltel Virtual Gallery, a Window on Palestinian Visual Arts Print
  Paltel Virtual Gallery, a Window on Palestinian Visual Arts | babelmed With theproject of this new Website, Birzeit University, the main Palestinian University based in Birzeit, aims to counter the segregation of Palestinians and advance understanding of the visual arts. Opening up to the wolrd is vital for Palestinians today, we therefore support this new and very well designed Website, that, we hope too, will inspire the new generation and foster dialogue between the Palestinians themselves and the rest of the world.

The Website shelters several chapters divided as follows:

A virtual Gallery that will open in Spring 2005.
The Art S-p-a-c-e is an alternative online gallery for the visual arts in Palestine . The gallery will host a wide variety of exhibitions of Palestinian and international art which can be viewed via a virtual tours. The Virtual Gallery also aims to support the creation of experimental and innovative internet art through their artist residency program.

Online Community Art Course: Introduction to Palestinian Art
To learn more about Palestinian art from the comfort of your location and at your own pace you can do so by enrolling in the on-line course. The course introduces the social, historical, political and artistic contexts that have influenced the development of Palestinian art. At the same time it presents contemporary trends and developments and profiles the work of individual artists, hence enabling you to explore the many facets of Palestinian art. The course also has its own forum so you can exchange and debate your ideas with other participants.

The Artist Residency Programme
The Artist Residency program hosts an artist forthe creation of new pioneering art that uses the internet.The residency aims to stimulate dialogue between the Palestinian community and artists in this new arena of creativity and technology

Every month The Paltel Virtual Gallery profiles the work of a contemporary artist. It features a visual portfolio accompanied by information about the artist and their work
An on-line Gallery
Through an on-line Gallery, that is until now, under construction, you can search the on line library of contemporary Palestinian art via category, index or keywords. Each art work is accompanied by a small description. Rédaction babelmed