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Is now available online on www.speakmemory.org

“Speak, Memory” Publication  | babelmedIn October 2010, the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt organisez an international symposium on archival initiatives and other strategies for the preservation and (re)activation of cultural memory. This three-day event was entitled Speak, memory inspired from the title of Nabokov’s autobiography. Presentations, panel discussions, screenings and talks exploring the large variety of methodologies that can be adopted in the field of conserving past artistic practices were held.

Speak, memory sought to instigate an informed debate on the challenges and strategies for the preservation of modern and contemporary art histories, focusing on those that have been scarcely documented or are underrepresented in dominant art historical narratives.

The Townhouse Gallery is now happy to announce that a publication presenting the issues discussed during the Speak, memory symposium is now available online on www.speakmemory.org

Hard copies can also be picked at the Townhouse Library.