Egypt, the fall of a second dictatorship | babelmed
Egypt, the fall of a second dictatorship Print
It is precisely these two people who chased their tyrants, both gentle as described by the nostalgic of a moribund Orientalism. It took them 100 days and an admirable determination to accomplish their will. It is this courage that chased their fear and the humiliation grounded by these two dictatorships’ longevity.
Egypt, the fall of a second dictatorship | babelmed
Their uprising is a lesson to old Europe’s governments who have accepted this corrupt rabble without flinching despite the fact that the absence of individual and public freedoms, harassment and torture were rampant in these countries.

Freedom and democracy are universal values that should urgently be applied to all human beings, wherever they are in the world. Evacuated by Western post-modernism more inclined to realpolitik than human rights, these values have been proclaimed, screamed, snatched by a majority of young Tunisians and Egyptians who had never tasted them.
Egypt, the fall of a second dictatorship | babelmed
They will be proclaimed tomorrow in the streets of Algiers, Damascus and all the way to Bagdad still under American occupation, in Jordan and Yemen. Let’s hope they will shake these authoritarian regimes, from the Maghreb to the Machrek and all the way to China…

Babelmed expresses its solidarity and its admiration to all Egyptain and Tunisian citizens, protagonists of this historical change that has just touched their countries, thus presaging new national pacts and a new balance in a region that has been suffering for too long.

This is only the beginning…