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Meetphool | babelmedThe name Meetphool was inspired by the fool, a theatrical character that one finds in Shakespeare’s work, in the commedia dell’arte and so on. The fool is the one who knows everything. In Arabic, meet phool means one hundred beans, a traditional Egyptian dish. The idea is to join to get all information on what’s going on, meet people and network.

Meetphool is a professional platform where members of the performing arts sector including theatre, dance, circus, music etc. can showcase their work, share professional expertise and build collaborations. Meetphool is conceived as a networking tool allowing people to exchange information and ideas (uploading documents, videos, e-books), meet professionals and work together on various, innovative projects in an interactive en. It helps keep members updated on current events, workshops and other opportunities.

The Meetphool project is co-funded by the European Union and is currently focusing on bridging both sides of the Mediterranean, creating a hub for performing arts professionals from Europe and North Africa.

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