Theatre Techniques Workshop, Cairo | theatre
Theatre Techniques Workshop, Cairo Print
Studio Emad Eddin Foundation, Orient productions, Mekanix and Studio Oscuro
Theatre Techniques Workshop

Theatre Techniques Workshop, Cairo | theatre
(Scenography, Sound & light Design, and video for theatre)

The workshop will be tutored by:
Charlie Åström , Light Designer, Scenographer and Director, Studio Oscuro, Sweden
Råger Johansson , Scenographer, Sweden
Erik Jeppsson , Sound Designer, Video Director, Producer, Mekanix, Sweden
The workshop will focus on the artistic aspects of Theatre Techniques, aiming to give the participants tools to contribute to an artistic expression.

The workshop will take place from
Monday the 8th to Thursday the 18th of March 2010.

Daily from 5.00 PM to 9.00 PM

Deadline for submitting applications is 7th March 2010 at 10.00 PM

Applicants should have previous experiences in theatre
Application forms are available at Studio Emad Eddin & online through their website