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  Yatf: Funding for Independent Cultural Spaces | babelmed YATF encourages freedom of artistic expression, as well as cooperation and partnership among artists in shared creative work.

Recently, the number of new independent cultural spaces has been on the rise, most of which founded and operated by young artists and cultural operators to meet demands of artists and audiences. Most of these spaces lack the basic funding resources for their running costs and professional staff that assure the sustainability of these spaces.

As a respond to these needs, YATF is offering, with the support of Ford Foundation- Cairo office, six grants that can cover either the running costs of these spaces or to renovate or rehabilitee a new space.

In order to be eligible for a grant, applicant must fulfil several conditions such as performing or exhibiting in a space located in any city in the Arab World, be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the space and not acting as an intermediary. Or to be an individual who is leading a group of at least five cultural artists/ Cultural activists to establish a cultural space.

The grant may cover the running costs of the space that include salaries, administrative costs, rent, electricity…etc.
The grant may also cover the costs of renovation or rehabilitation of a new space.

A selection committee, working in the fields of theater, dance, journalism and universities select the projects that receive support from the YATF. In addition, advisors from different Arab countries are asked for their opinion about the projects. The selection is based on artistic excellency and not on geographical representation.

The Young Arab Theatre Fund is an international organization designed to serve independent young Arab artists as well as emerging organizations. The long term goal of the fund is to encourage the sustainability of the independent artistic scene in the Arab World and to nurture and maintain its development.

For the last six years, YATF helped and supported the launching of a total of eight cultural venues in the region, thus offering more possibilities for artists to perform and to reach out diverse audiences. These spaces form the basic infrastructure for mobility of artistic creations and regional exchange among contemporary artists. (24/04/2007)