Spring Festival cancelled in Beirut | festival
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Spring Festival cancelled in Beirut | festivalAl Mawred Al Thaqafy, in collaboration with the Cultural Co-op for Youth in Theatre and Cinema (Shams) in Lebanon presents the third round of the bi-annual Spring festival in May 2008. This year, the festival should have been held in Cairo and Beirut simultaneously for the first timebut the Spring Festival events in Beirut have been canceled due to the current conditions there. It will continue normally in Cairo starting from Saturday the 10th of May.. The programme of this year's festival will express the ability of artists and writers to cross boundaries, not just in the political sense but also cultural and social boundaries.

Spring Festival cancelled in Beirut | festival
Alim Qasimov
The festival’s programme features such distinguished performers as: the great Azerbaijani Mugham singer Alim Qassimov, the Palestinian composer and musician Simon Shaheen, the Iranian Kamancheh player Kayhan Kalhor, the Spanish gypsy singer Esperanza Fernandez, Flamenco performer Pastora Galvan, the African Folk group Freshly Ground, and the contemporary dance group Cie2_k_far from Morocco. The program concludes with a focus on Palestine to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Nakba. This sub-programme is titled “60 Years” and includes a photography exhibition on Palestine before 1948, a cartoon exhibition by a young Palestinian cartoonist, readings by young Palestinian
Spring Festival cancelled in Beirut | festival
Simon Shaheen
writers, a lecture by Ahdaf Souef, an Oud concert by the young Palestinian musician Nizar Rohana and finally announcing the results of the Hanzala cartoon competition. This competition was announced by Al Mawred Al Thaqafy in March 2008 for the best cartoon on the theme of Al Nakba.

The Spring Festival is a biannual celebration of contemporary creativity in all its forms and genres, especially those that come from the global South and East, and from Diaspora communities in the West and North. The festival’s target audience is primarily urban youth, but also a wider public that is curious, open minded and passionate about art and culture, yet without much access to new artistic and literary experiments.
Spring Festival cancelled in Beirut | festival
Freshly Ground

The first Spring Festival "Awel Rabie" was presented in Cairo in 2004 to mark the launch of Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy). The 2004 program featured artists from Morocco, Mauritania, Ivory Cost, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Kenya, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, and India. The festival focused on four cultural fields: music, dance, storytelling and poetry and also included an architectural exhibition and meetings between heads of regional cultural organizations and the public.
Spring Festival cancelled in Beirut | festival
Esperanza Fernandez

In 2006; the festival presented a wide range of the most important modern Arabic creative experiences in music and poetry; Marcel Khalife and Al Mayadine Ensemble from Lebanon, the Moroccan-British band MOMO, the Syrian band “Hewar” and the Tunisian composer and Oud player Anouar Brahem. The literary program included the Palestinian American poet “Suheir Hammad”, then the Bahraini poet “Qassem Haddad”, the Iraqi poet “Fadhil Al Azzawi”, and the two Egyptian poets Amin Haddad and Bahaa Jaheen. The festival included three music workshops and two lectures/seminars.

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