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Cafavy’s Celebrations “Kavafia 2005” Print
Cafavy’s Celebrations “Kavafia 2005” | babelmed
Constantin Cavafy
In 1983, celebrating the 50 years from his death, the Greek Consulate in Alexandria and the Letters Department of the Greek Ministry of Culture led by Melina Mercouri, inaugurated, a yearly 5 days events “Kavafia” celebrating the Greek-Alexandrian poet, in Alexandria and in Cairo. In 1991, the 5 days celebrations “Kavafia”, transformed into International Literature Symposium.
The same year a Museum was created (The Kavafi Museum in Alexandria), at the house of the poet. Kavafis spent, indeed, the last 20 years of life (1913-1933) in an 8 rooms apartment on Lepsius Street (now Sharm El Sheikh) in El Attarin popular area. In 1991 with the donation of G.Stratigakis the Cultural Section of the Greek Embassy established the Kavafi Museum by redecorating 3 rooms of the apartment as the poet used them. A huge collection of books with his poems translated in all the languages of the world are exhibited with other related books in 2 rooms. Since 1994 2 rooms of the apartment host an exhibition for Stratis Tsirkas the famous Greek novelist who was born and worked in Egypt.
In 1991 the International Kavafi Award was created by the Cultural Section of the Greek Embassy in Cairo. The First Committee was formed by Dr. Sarwat Okasha as Chairman, Dr. Naim Atteya, Dr. Ahmed Etman as members and K.Moskof as Secretary. Later on the Committee decided that all the award winners would be members of the Committee.
From 1991 till 1998 Egyptian, Arab and Greek poets and scholars were awarded with a letter from the Committee and a prize.
In 1999 a small reform occurred thus the new International Kavafi Award Committee formed by Dr. Hamdi Ibrahim, Dr. Naim Ateya, Dr. Ahmed Saleh Mr. Farouk Shousha, Dr. P.Goulas, Mrs.Ersi Sotiropoulou, Mrs.Antia Frantzi, Dr. Dim. Daskalopoulos and Mr. Mohamed Salem as Secretary. The Committee nominates 3 Egyptians and 3 Greeks to receive the Kavafi Award in poetry, in novel and in translation. The Award consisted by a certificate and a statuette.
Konstantinos Kavafis (1863-1933) is the most famous poet of Modern Literature. The work of Kavafis includes only 154 poems composed in the course of more than 35 years. Kavafis belongs to a particular literary category that emerged in the first quarter of the 20th century and had no continuation: this is a stand alone category in which one could put Kafka and Joyce, Kavafis and Pessoa. ________________________________________________________________
Wednesday 21.12. (Alexandria, Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
Music Concert

19.00 “Wandering” (selection from Greek composers)
music concert by “Orpheus Trio”
19.30 Interact
19.35 “The amulet” (composer T.Moros)
music concert by “Orpheus Trio”

Thursday 22.12 (Alexandria, branch of the Foundation of Greek Culture)

18.30 screening of a film adapted a novel by Kazantzakis
20.30 screening of a film adapted a novel by Naguib Mahfouz

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