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7ayy! – Alive! | babelmed
Al Genaina Theatre
Culture Resource’s newest program at El Genaina Theatre in Al Azhar Park is a two-week celebration of contemporary Egyptian culture, with a focus on pop culture and colloquial expression. The program includes such arts as: colloquial poetry, sufi chanting, folk music, story-telling, puppets and circus.

Among the poet who will take part in the program is Sayed Hegab, one of Egypt’s most well known poets and song writers, as well as Bahaa Jaheen, Zein Elabdedeen Fouad, Ibrahim Abdel Fattah, Amin Haddad, Gamal Bekheit and Tamim El Barghouty. The poetry recitals will also include songs and staged performances.

The program presents an all-star group of Sufi chanters such as the legendary Sheikh Yassine El Tohamy, Sheikh Ahmed El Touny, Sheikh Amin El Dishnawy, and Sheikh Abdel Naby El Rannan. “Alive!” also features performances for the first time by two women chanters from the Nile Delta: Sheikha Sabbah and Sheikha Noura Mostafa.

The folk music program includes El Tanboura Group from Port Said, Karam Morad from Nubia, Salma El Assal from Sudan and the Nile Troupe for Folk Music. In addition “Alive” includes two oriental music concerts by Wagih Aziz and Abeer Sansour.

“Alive!” attempts to reclaim the fast disappearing folk arts of street puppet shows and street circus by presenting them on a professional stage. It also presents two of Egypt’s best story-tellers; Sayed Ragab and Ramadan Khater.