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Born in Garbia, on June 3rd 1945. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art, Cairo University, in 1967. Ahmed Nawar obtained a “Professorship”, in Painting from St Fernando Academy-Madrid, in 1975. He holds the position of Head of the Ministry of Culture, Sector of Fine Arts since May 12, 1988. During the last 35 years, Ahmed Nawar has shown his pictures in numerous exhibitions in Egypt as well as in Europe, particularly in Spain. His numerous prizes mark him out as an important proponent of Egyptian art and culture. The Soul of Civilisation – Ahmed Nawar | babelmed The Fayoum portraits
The Fayoum portraits which were rendered in black ink on paper in the year 2000 were an attempt by Nawar, to penetrate the depths of their secrets: to bring the soul on a journey back into contact with current events after the passing of a millennium. The portraits, displayed with their wide, soul-bearing eyes, represent a new and different attempt. Sometimes black and white are used in aesthetic equilibrium. Elsewhere, primary color probes the frequencies of the magnetic spectrum using an aesthetic based on the structural principles of the portraits themselves. While focussing on Nawar’s recent art works, one cannot but wonder if Nawar’s underlying question could ever be answered: “Is it possible for the human being, by looking hard, sharpening his perception and preparing his-inner self, to touch the gossamer leaves of the soul?” Babelmed Editorial Team