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  History of Contemporary Egypt | babelmed Massimo Campanini taught history and Institutions of the Arab World at Urbino University and is currently professor of Arab Culture at Milan University.
Philosopher, he is particularly interested in the Coran Interpretation and the Islamic political thinking.

He previously published “La teoria del socialismo in Egitto (Centro Alfarabi, Palermo 1987) in which he dealt with nasserist socialism, Islam e politica (Il Mulino, Bologna 2003, 2a ed.) on the political dimension of Islam from Mohamed to contemporary fundamentalism; He also edited Città virtuosa di al-Farabi (Rizzoli, Milano 1996), a Middle aged muslim reading of Plato utopia.
He will present his new publication “Storia dell’Egitto contemporaneo”, on thursday 24th of February at
Libreria Montecitorio, Rome, together with Professors Paolo Branca from Milan Catholic University, Gian Paolo Calchi Novati, from Pavia University and Laura Guazzone from La Sapienza in Rome. Babelmed Editorial Team