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babelmed is a website focusing on news, trends and events concerning the media in the twenty-two countries of the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa, defined as the twenty-two member states of the Arab League). | babelmed
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The term “Menassat” means "platforms" in Arabic. It also includes the acronym MENA designing the Region.

The editorial team is based in Beirut, Lebanon, with correspondents throughout the region. Menassat is in the process of establishing a network of journalists coming from the 22 counties of the MENA region.

The main aim of is to promote independent journalism in the region by providing a platform for Arab journalism as well as specific tools to empower Arab journalists. The idea is to expose the problems and challenges faced by journalists in the arab-speaking world. The platform gives Arab media professionals the opportunity to offer and exchanges views and information that are not subjected to censure or political and sectarian agendas. The philosophy of Menassat is the promotion of freedom of expression.

Menassat addresses itself to anyone who is interested in social, political, economical and cultural developments in the Arab world, and how the media cover the region.

The website encourages good journalism as an effective means of dissecting the social, economical and political developments in the Arab world.

Menassat defines 'the media' to include not only print journalists but also TV and radio journalists, on-line journalists, bloggers, photographers, film-makers and graphic artists. It also helps produce and distribute original and innovative media content about the Arab world.

The website of Menassat is a bilingual one; all content is in both Arabic and English.

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