Beirut: “Communities and territories”  workshop for International and Lebanese artists  | babelmed
Beirut: “Communities and territories” workshop for International and Lebanese artists Print
Beirut: “Communities and territories”  workshop for International and Lebanese artists  | babelmedThe cultural foundation aMAZElab (Milano), in collaboration with Heinrich Boll Foundation, Middle East Office (Beirut), propose the international seminar and workshop “Community and Territory”. Dedicated to the current cultural, social and geo-political aspects of the city, the project means to investigate contemporary Beirut life, a city highly representative of the complexity of the Lebanese mosaic.

The relationship between community and territory, between city and citizens lies at the heart of any most recent debate. The proposal of workshop + seminar will turn its attention to both urban and peripheral order, social policy, territorial management, community based practises. In other words, the use of public space in living culture.
The public domain is a place where people act and create a ‘communal world full of differences’ (Saskia Sassen).

We are living through a kind of crisis in public space resulting from the conflict of global and local interests, growing commercialization, globalisation, presence of massive architectures, dense infrastructures, privatizing of public space. This reality has produced displacement among many individuals and communities.

Culture, art, architecture can function as critical practices that allow us to capture something more elusive and silent than what is the actual representation of a city and its public space. The workshop + seminar aim to reflect about the making, the perception and the use of public space in a complex city as Beirut, both through theoretical and users’ practices.

Young artists and students with different knowledge and backgrounds will find in the workshop + seminar an occasion of confrontation and improving their capacities. It is a full immersion experience in the city territory, through the choice of three different public libraries as location for the workshops. It’s an opportunity to work with international renowned artists and professional tutors. It includes cross-over practices seen as a form of knowledge and interaction with the social and the urban life of the city. It’s a platform for scholars from various disciplines + common citizens, to reflect and work on alternative use and proposals for public spaces in Beirut.


Theme: “City Tags”
•the workshop concentrates on the subjective mapping of Beirut
•participants are invited to dig out materials, traces of past or recent events, personal stories, collective narratives, memory, urban myths filtered through experience, media, gossips, interviews with local communities
•participants will design a sort of auto-product fanzine or flayers, posters, maps, drawings, collage of photographs.

Where: Public Municipal Library of Beirut – ASSABIL Association, Geitawi, Rmeyl, inside Jesuit Garden

> VITO ACCONCI (USA) + NADIM KARAM/Atelier Hapsitus (Lebanon)
Theme: “A City for All”
•the workshop investigates Beirut’s public spaces and comes up with visions for their future
•participants will be introduced to deal with urban design concepts as well as the design of democratic participatory schemes
•by using recycled materials from the area, the proposal is to create an installation for an ideal public space, an ideal city for all.

Where: Public Library of Haret Hreik, Beirut – CLAC (Centre de Lecture et Animation Culturelle)


Theme: “Art for Change”
•the workshop explores visual means of building bridges across and between diverse communities, investigating the political, cultural and social diversity of the territory
•participants are invited to generate an innovative vocabulary of spatial conditions and social transformations of the city by creating a series of posters, slogans, photocollages for the public domain.

Where: Public Municipal Library of Beirut – ASSABIL Association, Bachoura, Issaaf Bldg., 3rd floor

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