5th Edition of Methods 2010: processes of change | babelmed
5th Edition of Methods 2010: processes of change Print
5th Edition of Methods 2010: processes of change | babelmed
The Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto announces an open call for a workshop entitled Methods – research projects on art-society relations, Processes of chanage taking place on May 20th to 24th 2010 in Biella, Italy.
The workshop will be curated and conducted by Love Difference and artway of thinking, promoted by Love Difference and Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto , with the support of LLP Grundvig workshop programme.

The research project “Methods” investigates the methodologies applied in creative processes. A research that for several years has involved persons working in the artistic world coming from different social backgrounds with particular issues thus creating a network of associations, organizations, public and private institutions. This has helped to come up with new modalities of exchange and co-creativity.

At its 5th edition, the project is opening to a new and wider phase: the extension of research about methods of disciplines that go beyond the artistic context.

The objective of the workshop is to compare and share methods from different disciplines that facilitate processes of transformation both collectively and individually.

The workshop is open to 30 participants – freelancers or representatives of groups – who apply in their work methods – phases, tools, principles and practices – which favour processes of change, in any of the following disciplines and areas:
anthropology, communication, economics, education, holistic medicine, music and performance arts, politics and civil services, industrial processes, psychology, scientific research, cognitive sciences, sociology, spirituality, urban planning and architecture.

Deadline for submission : 9th April 2010

For further information and to download the call in pdf format: