6th Edition FotoGrafia – A Festival with no Boundaries | festival
6th Edition FotoGrafia – A Festival with no Boundaries Print
  6th Edition FotoGrafia – A Festival with no Boundaries | festival The Festival grows continuously and year after year offering an increasing rich and articulated programme. The heart of the festival as always consists in the main exhibitions presented in some of the most suggestive locations of the ‘Museums in the Municipality’ system, such as the Palazzo Braschi Museum of Rome, the Museum of Rome in Trastevere and for the first time the Museum of the Ara Pacis and the Carlo Bilotti Museum, with the addition of the National Gallery of Modern Art, the Hendrick Cristian Andersen Museum, the Sala Santa Rita and Hadrian’s Temple.
To all this, one must add the circuit of exhibitions presented by over one hundred art galleries, among them VM21, LipanjePuntin, Studio Trisorio, Sala1 and foreign cultural institutes, among them the Swiss Institute, the British School of Rome, the Polish Institute, The Academy of Romania, the Goethe Institute and the IILA (Italo- Latino American Institute).
In addition to traditional locations, from the centre to the suburbs, exhibitions are presented in unusual locations such as bookstores, cafés, bars and social centres, places in which new trends and talents are often discovered, such as Spazio Fare, the Odradek, Bibli and Bar à book bookshops. 6th Edition FotoGrafia – A Festival with no Boundaries | festival In addition to many exhibitions FotoGrafia has now added three very important projects: the ‘European Month of Photography’, an international network sponsored by Alcatel Lucent, that the festival is part of alongside 6 other European capital cities, the FotoGrafia- Baume & Mercier First International Award and the creation of ‘Lazio, Terra’, a new project for the Latium Region.
To this one must also add a programme rich in events, portfolio readings, workshops, screenings and meetings that this year will be based on the idea of carrying out a real census of Italian photography. Appointments that are an important part of FotoGrafia, capable of attracting an increasingly attentive and numerous audience; some of these events will be hosted at the Foresteria, the beautiful location in the park surrounding the Casa del Jazz, of which Zoneattive has recently become the manager.
This is all completed by FotoGrafia on line with a series of increasingly important opportunities and openings to the world of the web. Addressed in particular to communities such as myspace.com, where the festival has its own site for promotion and sharing and above all Flickr.com, the largest online community in the world for photographers, within which the Festival sponsors a competition with “Sguardo Urbano” entitled “Boundaries”, with over a thousand members. Furthermore, the initiative with Repubblica.it, for the 1944 thirtieth anniversary, asks readers to send their photographs and to identify themselves in those already published on the website. The best images will then be exhibited at the Festival.