Turkey: The Dawn of Tomorrow  | babelmed
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Turkey: The Dawn of Tomorrow  | babelmed
Vanessa Beecroft work
Proje4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art is now hosting a selection from pre-eminent private Italian collections. The works are selected directly by the collectors themselves and this specific selection, will be shown for the first time in Turkey as it is purposely prepared for the Elgiz Museum. The impulsive force of this exhibition is to underline the collector’s emotional, intellectual and casual connections with the artwork that they collect and the responsibility they feel through the artists of these works. Beside this, introducing to the Turkish and International audience the Italian recent contemporary art scene has also been an inspiration point in the preparation process. As the host of the exhibition, some selected works of the Italian artists from the Elgiz Collection will also be accompanying this exhibition as a gesture for greeting the guest artworks.

The exhibition is organized within the framework of an exchange among private collections. As a part of this project a selection from the Elgiz Collection will be exhibited in Venice as well. In addition to the exhibitions, both in Venice and Istanbul, there will be panel
Turkey: The Dawn of Tomorrow  | babelmed
Adrian Paci
discussions about the Italian-Turkish art and to share the passion, knowledge, experience and point of views of the collectors.

Panel discussion and press meeting: there will be a round table discussion and press meeting (on the 26th of March at 6 p.m.) will take place together with a group from the guest artists and the collectors of the exhibition.

The Hosted Works by:
Vanessa Beecroft, Letizia Cariello, Paolo Chiasera, Cuoghi Corsello, Flavio Favelli, Francesco Jodice, Adrian Paci, Antonio Riello, Vedovamazzei, Francesco Vezzoli.
Turkey: The Dawn of Tomorrow  | babelmed
Cuoghi Corsello

Associazione ACACIA, Milano ; Cilluffo – Chianale, Torino ; Laura & Mauro Corinaldi, Milano ; Marcello Forin, Cassola/Vicenza ; Marino Golinelli, Bologna ; Vezio Tomasinelli, Torino ; Robert & Warli Tomei, Milano ; UniCredit Group Collection, Roma/Milano ; Alessandro Valentinis, Milano .

Curator: Dr. Vittorio Urbani, Venice.

Detailed Information:
The exhibition will be open to the public from March 26 to April 26 2008.

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