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Water and Cultures in dialogue  | babelmedThe Youth forum will raise awareness among youth on the place and importance of water as a common good, a limited resource, essential for life and for the future of the human settlements and as a central element in the cultural heritage of the Euro-Med Region. It is designed to influence young generation and encourage its preservation, assure its quality and accessibility and encourage exchanges, mutual understanding and knowledge between young people from the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

The Forum will gather 74 participants, 2 per each one of the 37 Euro-Mediterranean Partnership member countries, aged between 20 and 35 years and strongly motivated to work on the theme of "water" in an inter-cultural framework. The selection of theWater and Cultures in dialogue  | babelmed participants will be done by an international jury, which is comprised of five members; one from Paralleili, one from ALF, one expert from Italy, one form an EU county and one from a Mediterranean country. The project addresses students, professionals as well as civil society’s actors who are studying or working in the fields indicated below.

The scope of the Forum is focusing on water as a vector for intercultural dialogue, focusing on three specific themes:

• Water, Heritage and Intergenerational Dialogue;
• Water, Spirituality and Emotion;
• Water, Sustainable Development and Civil Society.

The Euro-Mediterranean Youth Forum will take place in Turin, Italy from May 20 to 25, 2008.

The Forum is taking place in the Framework of the Year 2008 of Inter-Cultural Dialogue. It is part of theWater and Cultures in dialogue  | babelmed "Water our Common Future" initiative. It is organized by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between cultures (ALF – www.euromedalex.org) in collaboration with Piedmont Regional Government and Paralleli Euro-Mediterranean Institute (www.paralleli.org) It is also part of the ALF "1001 Actions for Dialogue" Campaign (www.1001actions.org).

For more infos:
Call for Candidatures and Application form are available on the official site of the initiative

Mr. Marco Alfieri Istituto Paralleli – Italy Fax : +39 011 5229830
E-mail: alfieri@torinoyouthforum.org

Ms. Eman Qarraeen - Anna Lindh Euro Mediterranean Foundation Tel: +20 (3) 483 1953 – 483 1832 E-mail: qaraeen@torinoyouthforum.org