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  Biennal of Mediterranean Landscape | babelmed Throughout the historical evolution the Mediterranean, material clues have resurfaced in consistent patterns and time and again have shaped our understanding of how cities and landscapes developed. Unfortunately, the impact of modern globalization and a different geopolitical scenario are rapidly transforming the intrinsic nature of each place and compromising a delicate social and environmental equilibrium. Traditional agricultural crops are being abandoned and cities are expanding into megalopolis, the influx of migration and of tourism is rapidly increasing, the old mercantile routes are being met with larger infrastructures: all of these phenomena are shaping the new Mediterranean landscape. In the light of all this, how can new means of interpretation integrate the complex inheritance of a millennial civilization and indicate sustainable developments for the future?

The Biennial on the Mediterranean Landscape is being promoted by the province of Pescara, Italy, as a cultural event of international scope and as an opportunity to study and research new methods to control and manage the landscapes of the Mediterranean. Its aim is also to alert institutions and universities as to the developing needs of landscapes, both culturally and economically.

Environment, culture, film, photography, architecture, planning are among the themes of the Biennial and will be addressed in the following initiatives:

A meeting on “The Landscape. The Mediterranean. The Landscape of the Mediterranean.”

Three workshops on “The nature of Landscape” with by Franco Farinelli, on “Sustainable Landscapes” with Walter Ganapini and on “The Geopolitical Landscape” with Alessandro Dal Lago.

A final forum aimed at creating a document summarizing the conclusions of the workshops on the sustainable development of the landscape of the Mediterranean and underwritten by all participants.

Several exhibits including a photography+multimedia exhibition entitled “Upside-down Mediterranean. Places and Images of the contemporary”, an exhibition on planning entitled “Places and Landscapes. Sustainable Projects for the Province of Pescara” and an exhibition on architecture “Projects for Mediterranean Landscapes”.

Two events on film including a special presentation entitled “The Mediterranean Landscape and Movies” and the official screening of a new documentary. Biennal of Mediterranean Landscape | babelmed A guided tour through the landscapes of Abruzzo.
The Biennial on the Landscape of the Mediterranean is open to the public and free of charge: However, visitors are encouraged to make reservations for those events with limited seating, such as the meeting, the two film events and the forum, while reservations are mandatory for the guided tour.

Students, professional operators and organizations operating in those technological or scientific fields connected to the management of landscape (architecture, engineering, environmental science, natural science, agricultural and forest science, anthropology, sociology, urban studies, political science etc.) are all encouraged to submit a project to the exhibition on architecture. Babelmed Editorial Team