Oriented – 4th International Photography Festival of Rome | festival
Oriented – 4th International Photography Festival of Rome Print
Oriented – 4th International Photography Festival of Rome | festival
FotoGrafia – the International Photography Festival of Rome established in 2002, promoted by the City of Rome and realised by Zone Attive with the Artistic Direction of Marco Delogu - stands as the highpoint of the encounter between contemporary art and Rome's unmatchable historical heritage.

The central agenda of the Festival foresees a core of 20 main exhibitions directly produced and assigned by the Festival, concentrated in some of the most important Roman artistic venues, such as the Musei Capitolini, the Museo di Roma in Trastevere, the Palazzo Fontana di Trevi and the Palazzo Braschi.

The 2005 edition is dedicated to the East and special attention will be devoted to the most significant expressions of contemporary photography from important countries in which a heavy clash between tradition and present takes place, such as Japan, China, India or Russia; seen through the eyes both of local and foreign photographers: ranging from India’s most important photographer Raghu Rai to those from the “Rising Sun” Hirushi Sugimoto and Nobuyoshi Araki to the Russian Vladimir Mishukov. From the reportages of Paolo Woods and Nicolas Pascarel to the literary journeys of Ella Maillart and Nicolas Bouvier to China’s contemporary photographers Liu Yiwei and Shao Yinong & Mu Chen. From the landscapes of David Farrell to the young Massimo Mastrorillo, Giuliano Matteucci, Luca Nostri, commissioned by the festival to produce a reportage about the post-tsunami situation in Indonesia.
Rome looks at the East, seeking an interpretation not only of geographic spaces but of contemporaneity itself, in order to transform through photography facts into evidences, documentation into art, chronicle into collective memory. The final d in the title turns the Italian “Oriente” into the English “oriented” for a Festival constantly “oriented” towards photography balanced between surface beauty and underlying commitment.

Each year the Festival assigns to a renowned photographer the task of portraying Rome with an original work. In 2003 Josef Koudelka produced Theatre of Time, in 2004 was Olivo Barbieri’s turn with site_specific_roma04. This year the Festival has chosen the Swedish photographer Anders Petersen, awarded as photographer of the year 2003 in the Arles Festival.
In Roma, a diary, 2005, to be held at Musei Capitolini, Petersen shows how it is possible, even in a city with an endless iconography, to discover new points of view, those of a city with many identities, extending towards a future marked by cohabitation. The metropolitan context is investigated through the presence of the human element, its relationships, and the objects through which it expresses its own personality. Hence a Rome both sorrowful and proud is revealed, capable of expressing her soul even disregarding the marks of her history.
Oriented – 4th International Photography Festival of Rome | festival
Nicolas Bouvier, Wakkana (1965)
As years passed, FotoGrafia has gained a respected and sought after position within the local art photography sector, and has successfully gathered creative force and energy which find an essential amount of visibility through the festival. Thus, starting from the theme Oriented, an exhibition circuit has been added to the project, witnessing the complexity and charm of the said theme. Departing from the beginning of the reportage with Felice Beato, Leone Nani and Federico Peliti (exhibited at Palazzo Braschi), we are brought to the present time with the tulkus of the Tibet portrayed by Martine Franck.

At the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, it is shown the work about Japan produced by Jeremy Stigter, while the Museo Andersen hosts a collective exhibition of modern photographers from Israel. Another highlight is the exhibition held at the atelier Del Bosco/Villa Medici with which Gabriele Basilico brings back in a brand new way his work about Beirut 1991.

The festival involves venues spread all over the urban space, with exhibitions which represent the most important trends of our cultural scene. The trail brings one-man retrospective shows by masters such as Caio Mario Garrubba, along with the work of Italian rising photographers like Paola Binante, Max Botticelli, Massimo Drago and foreigners as well like Chrystie Sherman, Judit Kepes and Jooyeon Park, already present in the festival with an exhibit at Palazzo Fontana di Trevi.

From the Middle to the Far East: Hungary, Romania, Poland, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Russia, Japan, Thailand, a look at the history and the present that confirms Rome as a big city open to the world and as a main character of contemporary world.

Finally, the biggest new of FotoGrafia: a number of events which will show all the different means of expression of the East. From the 15th of April on, openings, music shows, projections and meetings, with a pivotal axis that is also the very beating heart of Rome: Trastevere. That's the source of a festival able to create a fil rouge running through the streets of the city, a place to go to not only to “see” photography, but also to “experience” it. Babelmed Editorial Team