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Anna Lindh Forum | babelmed Anna Lindh Forum | babelmedThe Anna Lindh Forum 2010 is a major gathering for the promotion of intercultural action across the Mediterranean region organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) in partnership with the European Institute of the Mediterranean, Head of the ALF Spanish Network.

Taking place in Barcelona from the 4th to the 7th of March 2010, the Forum aims to give new momentum to the cooperation among civil society organizations and institutions committed to intercultural dialogue in the Union for the Mediterranean region and to enrich the activities of the 43 National Networks of the ALF.

The Forum will bring together 700 representatives of civil society organisations and institutions from the Union for the Mediterranean region including NGOs, cultural institutions, educational bodies, universities, media, local authorities and regional networks.

The programme of the Forum is built on two key pillars: the ‘Agora’, which is dedicated to plenary debate and workshops with experts on the achievements and challenges of social and cultural cooperation in the regional framework, and the ‘Medina’, which brings together members of the Anna Lindh Networks and regional partners to share ideas and build new partnerships and initiatives.

The Anna Lindh Forum, which has been developed through a series of preparatory meetings with grass-root organizations across the region will lead to the creation of permanent thematic platforms that will support the Anna Lindh Foundation and its National Networks in the orientation of its future activities.

The preparatory meetings that took place in different countries dealt with the following themes: culture (Rhodes), youth (France), inter-religious dialogue (Albania) and migration and diversity (Munich) and Media (Marrakech).

The Intercultural Fair will be officially launched on the 4th of March. It will gather 128 organisations including members of the national networks as well as institutional partners who are active in the field of intercultural dialogue. Participants will have stands and booths through which they can display their publications and present audio-visual material on their field-work and activites.

The Forum is supported by the European Commission, the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Barcelona City Council and the Diputació de Barcelona. The Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs will collaborate and be actively involved in the Forum’s activities.

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