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  Meeting of young researchers around the mediterranean | babelmed The meeting intends to initiate a global rapprochement process contributing, in the short term, to disseminating research that is being conducted, to generating debate forums on subjects of common interest, and to developing, in the medium or long term, initiatives that allow maintaining contacts and exchange of reflections, through the creation of international research networks.

The meeting will deal, on the first place, with socio-cultural context: understand social, cultural, economic and political contexts surrounding researchers that can determine the selection of their subject of study, the methodology used.

Another subject analysed by the project will be the Mediterranean space and intercultural dialogue. The seminar will question the following: “The region is a constructed space, not only socially, but also academically. Aspects analysed are the processes of social transformation, the shared and divided imaginaries that generate identities, the cultures and their inherent dynamics…”. The issue at stake is the place of the Mediterranean within a globalised world “Can we talk about the Mediterranean as a space of intercultural dialogue and as a space for inter-academic dialogue? In a globalization momentum, are the state economic policies and strategic orientations of the state considered as sovereign choices or dictates of this same globalization?”

More specifically, the meeting shall reflect upon the current discrepancy between North and South: “How are Mediterranean countries positioned, given the differences between the economic levels of countries of the North and the South. This axis allows presenting the research work on initiatives promoting economic development of Mediterranean States. This could cover different subjects: responding to basic needs of the population, sustainable development, and economic trade of agricultural, industrial and technological products. Reflections on the pertinence and adequacy of applied economic development models in the region could be included.” (13/02/2007)